houmaSwamps shaded by towering cypress trees. Breathtaking plantations with generations of history. The colorful parades and endless revelry in one of Louisiana’s grandest Mardi Gras celebrations.

All these things await in Houma, an adventure-lover’s paradise with spectacular birding, historic sites, art galleries and museums, and a wealth of things to discover.

Located in the heart of Terrebonne Parish, the vibrant town is the place to be for a great southern Louisiana getaway.

Houma is surrounded by more than 2,500 square miles of the kinds of swamps and wetlands you’d see in photographs. The unique landscape, formed by the intersection of the Mississippi River Delta and the Gulf of Mexico, affords a world of opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Take your pick from swamp tours, wildlife viewing, birding, kayaking, hiking, or even charter fishing. Hop on board a Cajun Man's Swamp Tours and Adventures tour, or learn from the descendant of a local legend, Alligator Annie, by joining Annie Miller's Son's Swamp and Marsh Tours for a one-of-a-kind excursion through the bayous and waterways. Due to its mild winters, abundance of places to cast a line, and the diversity in the fish you can catch (up to 50 species), Houma is a year-round hotspot for anglers. For the best experience, book a tour with one of the charter fishing providers in Houma, all waiting to take you on an incredible adventure.

Exploring Houma’s rich history and colorful art is a must while you’re here. Start by visiting one of the city’s galleries or cultural centers, such as the Terrebonne Folklife Culture Center, where you’ll take a Cajun dance lesson and learn the art of Cajun cooking. Then admire the works of local artists at the Downtown Art Gallery 360, full of works from local artists and located in the heart of Houma’s historic district.

Meanwhile, The Regional Military Museum showcases a collection of military memorabilia and tours are lead by veterans, while the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum provides insight into how Houma’s waterways have shaped life here. For a walk through Houma’s history, find your way to the Southdown Plantation & Terrebonne Museum and the Ardoyne Plantation, two 19th-century sugarcane plantations with their own stories to tell.

No visit to Houma is complete without experiencing one of the city’s lively festivals, some of which you’ll only find in this corner of the Bayou State. One of the city’s top events is the Houma Mardi Gras celebration that features two weeks of colorful parades, live music, and delicious Cajun food. Of course, there’s always something going on here throughout the year, such as the Rougarou Fest, Bayou Arts Fest, and the Bayou Terrebonne Boucherie.

kayaking houmaWhether you’re coming in or heading out of town, you’ll likely pass the pastoral farms, small villages, and trickling waterways of Terrebonne Parish, home to some of the best scenic drives in Louisiana.

The parish’s winding roadways make up the Wetlands Cultural Byway. Following them is a great way to see towns and villages where shrimping, trapping, and farming have been a way of life for hundreds of years.

When you just need to get away and experience the good life, visit Houma. Located just 55 miles away from New Orleans at the crossroads of Bayou Terrebonne and the Intercoastal Waterway, Houma offers ample Cajun charm, centuries of history, and much to discover. Plan your trip here.

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