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Louisiana's Cajun Bayou

Just about 45 minutes south of New Orleans is an authentic Cajun lifestyle unlike any other. This unapologetic culture is all up and down the Bayou and is filled with outdoor experiences like fishing and swamp tours, along with regular celebrations such as food, music and festivals. 

Up the Bayou and down the Bayou - It’s how we tell you to get from one place to another. It’s a little different but so are we. Our Cajun runs just a little bit deeper than the rest of the state, and it shows up at every bend in the Bayou. 

In Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, our stories are rooted in this timeless bayou and centuries of history. Our hospitable nature and a passion for storytelling, is part of why tourists visit and industry does business here. Our hearts are big and our stories even bigger. 

The depths of our Cajun culture are shared through our stories and passed down generation after generation, like the secret to Nana’s étouffée. These stories, told through our cuisine, culture, fishing and wetlands adventures, weave their way up and down the Bayou.

Come see the unpolished, unspoiled beauty of the bayou when you visit Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou in Lafourche Parish. It’s where Cajun runs deep.


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